Bellingham Bay Battle

Congratulations to all of our members that participated in the Bellingham race last weekend! Conditions were challenging and the competition was stifflast Saturday. We did not get the best position in the start line but quickly established a 3 canoe pack with a BBOP crew and CROCC crew that included Rich. The course change necessitated three 180 degree buoy turns. Those turns made the critical moments for our race. We capitalized on a mistake in the second turn and flew by BBOP to establish a lead that we would hold until the end of the race for a strong 4th place out of 7 in the mixed open division.

I'm a little late on the wrap up here but I wasn't able to take as many pictures as usual. The photo credits go to the BBOP photographer on these. Go check out their Facebook page for more. We also want to thank CROCC for helping us fill and find seats for our crew and to Autumn Rose for Loaning us the Canoes we raced in.