Race Around the Island Wrap-up

It was a great weekend of racing at Chinook landing Marine Park. After the traditional team dinner at Shirley's Tippy Canoe we started early by unloading and rigging Lokahi then putting her down in the water. The opening ceremonies that commenced shortly after were a beautiful tribute to Aunty Jean and Lance Kahn.

Our mixed open team had a little help from Ila, a SOCC paddler that filled out the crew. They went out on the long course upstream into a strong current off the start. After the first turn a battle was quickly established that would shape the rest of the race. There was a constant back and forth with the team from hood river breathing down their neck all the way until the finish. The crew never gave up ground and in the end were able to take 2nd place in the Mixed Open Division. This is a great result for the team amongst a stiff field of competition! Not only that but they finished third among all the spec canoes in the morning race and even had a better time than one of the unlimiteds.

After a short break the short course crew were ready to take to the water. Matt and Nessa had to pull double duty and get the unofficial award for most miles paddled. The competition was lean but fierce with one other OC-6 and a slew of small boats in the field. A last minute course change made for a difficult cross-current route to the other side of the island. TCOCC started in front but gave up ground as the course turned around the island. It was a valiant effort coming back up-river but the crew would finish just behind the other OC-6. However, all that will be written in the history books is a first place in the Mens Open division!

Check out the gallery below for some pictures and a video of the start from Matt's 360 camera. It was a fun weekend and a great start to our 2017 race season.

Congratulations RATI Crews!

It was a great day of racing at RATI. Our Mixed open long course took home 2nd place and the mixed open short course came in 1st! Look out for some pictures later this week.

We will be resuming our normal practice schedule on Monday night, if we can get as many people as possible there early, that will help make unloading the trailer and rerrigging the race boats smooth and fast.

Practice Cancelled Saturday 04/22

Unfortunately, due to a lack of experienced steersmen and experienced paddlers to run practice, we won't be meeting on Saturday. You still have Wednesday 04/19 to paddle and we'll be back at it on Monday too. In the mean time it will be a good day to cross train and make your plans for RATI on May 6th.  We also wish all the paddlers going to Rusty Iron this weekend good luck!

2017 Shirts

We are putting together an order for new shirts. They are the A4 Performance Cooling Line shirts (A4.com) if you want to check them out.  Nessa will have some samples at practices.

We will be racing in red shirts.  The red shirts are available in long sleeve, short sleeve, tank, and muscle shirts.  We will also be offering bright green shirts. The bright green shirts are available in long sleeve and short sleeve.

We will be getting the shirts from a local printer.  If anyone is interested in printing our design on other items (e.g. sweatshirts, bags, etc), we can make that happen.  You will just need to provide it.

You have until April 14th  to place your order with Nessa or Lauren.


We are officially underway!  There was great turnout for Saturday and Monday. Having enough paddlers for 3 wa'a is a great place to be at the beginning of the season. We are starting out with our full regular practice schedule: 5:45 P.M Monday and Wednesday; and 9:15 A.M. Saturday. Our first race of the season is Saturday May 6. I hope to see lots of new and returning paddlers in the coming weeks and look forward to a fun season on the water.

Ready to Paddle?

Less than a Week now! Huge thank you to everyone who came out to help get the wa'a off the trailer and rig them for our first practice next week. Everything went smoothly and we are all ready to get on the water. The weather even cooperated; it turned out to be a really nice day outside and I'm hoping we can have that good luck for next weekend too. Check out the gallery below for pictures of the process while you get your Paddle, PFD and gear ready for next week.

Spring Forward!

Losing some sleep today may be frustrating but don't despair paddling is only 3 weeks away! One advantage of the time change is the extra evening light allows us to start our full 3-day per week practice schedule right away after April 1st.

We are now 1 week out from the season kick-off meeting. If you go to our new calendar page you can save a link to your personal calendar so you don't forget. There is also a Facebook event, please invite your friends we want to have as many people at the meeting as we can.