Happy New Year!

Happy 2018 paddlers! It may seem early, but after a few months of rest its time to start thinking about our 2018 season. To that end there is board meeting Wednesday (check your e-mail for more information). After that, expect to see some more updates on kickoff meeting, race schedule, and practices for 2018.

Ready to Paddle?

Less than a Week now! Huge thank you to everyone who came out to help get the wa'a off the trailer and rig them for our first practice next week. Everything went smoothly and we are all ready to get on the water. The weather even cooperated; it turned out to be a really nice day outside and I'm hoping we can have that good luck for next weekend too. Check out the gallery below for pictures of the process while you get your Paddle, PFD and gear ready for next week.

Spring Forward!

Losing some sleep today may be frustrating but don't despair paddling is only 3 weeks away! One advantage of the time change is the extra evening light allows us to start our full 3-day per week practice schedule right away after April 1st.

We are now 1 week out from the season kick-off meeting. If you go to our new calendar page you can save a link to your personal calendar so you don't forget. There is also a Facebook event, please invite your friends we want to have as many people at the meeting as we can.