Happy New Year!

Happy 2018 paddlers! It may seem early, but after a few months of rest its time to start thinking about our 2018 season. To that end there is board meeting Wednesday (check your e-mail for more information). After that, expect to see some more updates on kickoff meeting, race schedule, and practices for 2018.

The Final Challenge

The last race is in the books and it was a great one! TCOCC participated in the beach change-out at the Pacific Northwest Challenge this past weekend and took home 2nd place. The course consisted of four, 5 mile laps across Lake Washington. We got out to a strong start and it quickly became a two canoe race. Through the second change we remained within contact with first, but just couldn't get even. Regardless second place is a great finish and it was great day on the water and fun way to end the season. Mahalo to Kikaha and Sand Point for putting on a great event and to Anne and Luz for joining us to fill out our crew. We'd also like to congratulate our other TCOCC paddlers who participated in the 26 mile water change-out in preparation for some upcoming Hawaii races.

Bellingham Bay Battle

Congratulations to all of our members that participated in the Bellingham race last weekend! Conditions were challenging and the competition was stifflast Saturday. We did not get the best position in the start line but quickly established a 3 canoe pack with a BBOP crew and CROCC crew that included Rich. The course change necessitated three 180 degree buoy turns. Those turns made the critical moments for our race. We capitalized on a mistake in the second turn and flew by BBOP to establish a lead that we would hold until the end of the race for a strong 4th place out of 7 in the mixed open division.

I'm a little late on the wrap up here but I wasn't able to take as many pictures as usual. The photo credits go to the BBOP photographer on these. Go check out their Facebook page for more. We also want to thank CROCC for helping us fill and find seats for our crew and to Autumn Rose for Loaning us the Canoes we raced in.

Air Quality Information

For more information on the air quality issues we are experiencing right now here is the air quality map as of this morning and some links to further information. We are sitting in the "unhealthy" category meaning that even for healthy individuals strenuous outdoor exercise is not recommended. Our first priority is keeping everyone safe so please take it easy and hope this clears out Saturday.

Washington Air Quality Map

Washington Air Quality Advisory Index

08/03 Air Quality

Grinding It Out!

It was a great day of racing at Alki Beach on Saturday. We had 12 members participating in 4 different crews. The course was a beautiful 12 mile paddle across the Puget Sound. Weather stayed calm and warm, making for a real test of endurance and grit throughout the race. The Tri-Cities Mixed Masters pulled out the most impressive performance of the day, finishing first of all the spec canoes in their heat! Which, of course, gave them a 1st place in their division as well. To fill out some other crews we had paddlers in with SOCC and Pacific Outrigger as well as 3 men in a hybrid crew organized by Maui Mike. Thank you to everyone who came and participated and to Seattle Outrigger Canoe Club for hosting the event. Now we look ahead to Bellingham in two weeks and our last race, the Pacific Northwest Challenge the week after.

Race Around the Island Wrap-up

It was a great weekend of racing at Chinook landing Marine Park. After the traditional team dinner at Shirley's Tippy Canoe we started early by unloading and rigging Lokahi then putting her down in the water. The opening ceremonies that commenced shortly after were a beautiful tribute to Aunty Jean and Lance Kahn.

Our mixed open team had a little help from Ila, a SOCC paddler that filled out the crew. They went out on the long course upstream into a strong current off the start. After the first turn a battle was quickly established that would shape the rest of the race. There was a constant back and forth with the team from hood river breathing down their neck all the way until the finish. The crew never gave up ground and in the end were able to take 2nd place in the Mixed Open Division. This is a great result for the team amongst a stiff field of competition! Not only that but they finished third among all the spec canoes in the morning race and even had a better time than one of the unlimiteds.

After a short break the short course crew were ready to take to the water. Matt and Nessa had to pull double duty and get the unofficial award for most miles paddled. The competition was lean but fierce with one other OC-6 and a slew of small boats in the field. A last minute course change made for a difficult cross-current route to the other side of the island. TCOCC started in front but gave up ground as the course turned around the island. It was a valiant effort coming back up-river but the crew would finish just behind the other OC-6. However, all that will be written in the history books is a first place in the Mens Open division!

Check out the gallery below for some pictures and a video of the start from Matt's 360 camera. It was a fun weekend and a great start to our 2017 race season.