Rocking Racing Roosters!

TCOCC had great success at Rooster Rock! we fielded a mixed masters and mixed open crew that both took home first in their division despite getting caught in a pile up off the start line. We pushed up river to the rock with some favorable wind and swells. But then came a 180 turn into that same wind making for a difficult downstream run towards the final turn and the finish. Thank you to Mountain Home Canoe Club for putting on a great event as usual. Some pictures of our crews and the race are below. This race puts us well into our season and looking to stay strong and be ready for The Gorge Race next.

Club Updates

It’s been a while since we’ve put something up here so I thought it would be good to make a post now that the season is in full swing.

We’ve had a great spring season with lots of new members and very good attendance at practice. It’s hard to think of one where we’ve had less than three canoes on the water! Saturday Practice Times are now at 8:30 A.M. as we get into the hot summer months and prepare for Rooster Rock and The Gorge.

Looking forward to seeing the same enthusiasm and spirit as we paddle into summer!

Air Quality Alert

Please be aware of the reduced Air quality this week and make healthy choices when it comes to outside activity. We are under an air quality alert through Wednesday, meaning that unhealthy to very unhealthy air conditions will persist. TCOCC will meet for practice as normally scheduled but we will evaluate conditions and personnel when deciding on a plan. If you have any sensitivity to cardiac or respiratory distress carefully consider whether or not to take part in outside activity.

Look at the links below for information on air quality and weather forecasting:

Washington Smoke Information

National Weather Service Forecast

Rooster Rock Rally

Three crews, three medals! TCOCC had a great showing at Rooster Rock this weekend. The day started cool and overcast for the short course. Our mixed open crew put down a strong start, and mixed it it up with the unlimited canoes through the first turn downriver. After that it was a battle with Hood River Outrigger to get through the final turn and through the finish line for a first place finish.

For the mixed race we had both masters and open crew out on the course. The temps warmed up and the sun came out making for a sticky 10 mile run up and around the rock. Both crews were out near the front of the pack and our mixed masters came across the line second overall with a first place in their division. Our mixed open crew also had a strong third place showing in a crowded division of 9 crews.

Overall it was a great day for TCOCC. Having 18 paddlers representing the club at a race is a big accomplishment for us and a great sign for the future. Bringing home some hardware is icing on the cake. See the gallery below for some pictures of the day.

Practice Clarifications

We've had a lot of change recently so this is to clear up any confusion about our current practice schedule:

Monday, Wednesday, Saturday practices are not changing they start at 5:45 P.M. and 8:15 A.M.

For our new practices we are requesting notice at least 24 hours in advance if you plan to paddle so seats can be worked out and we insure full canoes:

Friday practice is for those who want to work harder and be more competitive, it will consist of more difficult workouts to simulate race conditions. This starts at 5:45 P.M. Contact Tyler for a seat.

Sunday practice is for our wahine (women) to work on their blend and get a different feel from paddling with the usual mixed crew. This starts at 8:15 A.M. Contact Laura or Nessa for a seat

Back on the Water!

What a great start for the season! We had 16 paddlers so we could comfortably paddle all three wa'a. From here on out we'll be on our normal schedule. We're Starting with Monday/Wednesday Practice at 5:45 and Saturday Practice at 9:30.

Don't forget our first new paddler night will be April 9th. Anyone new to the sport can come out on this practice that will be geared towards a smooth introduction to paddling.

Pictures from Saturday are below

Happy New Year!

Happy 2018 paddlers! It may seem early, but after a few months of rest its time to start thinking about our 2018 season. To that end there is board meeting Wednesday (check your e-mail for more information). After that, expect to see some more updates on kickoff meeting, race schedule, and practices for 2018.

The Final Challenge

The last race is in the books and it was a great one! TCOCC participated in the beach change-out at the Pacific Northwest Challenge this past weekend and took home 2nd place. The course consisted of four, 5 mile laps across Lake Washington. We got out to a strong start and it quickly became a two canoe race. Through the second change we remained within contact with first, but just couldn't get even. Regardless second place is a great finish and it was great day on the water and fun way to end the season. Mahalo to Kikaha and Sand Point for putting on a great event and to Anne and Luz for joining us to fill out our crew. We'd also like to congratulate our other TCOCC paddlers who participated in the 26 mile water change-out in preparation for some upcoming Hawaii races.

Bellingham Bay Battle

Congratulations to all of our members that participated in the Bellingham race last weekend! Conditions were challenging and the competition was stifflast Saturday. We did not get the best position in the start line but quickly established a 3 canoe pack with a BBOP crew and CROCC crew that included Rich. The course change necessitated three 180 degree buoy turns. Those turns made the critical moments for our race. We capitalized on a mistake in the second turn and flew by BBOP to establish a lead that we would hold until the end of the race for a strong 4th place out of 7 in the mixed open division.

I'm a little late on the wrap up here but I wasn't able to take as many pictures as usual. The photo credits go to the BBOP photographer on these. Go check out their Facebook page for more. We also want to thank CROCC for helping us fill and find seats for our crew and to Autumn Rose for Loaning us the Canoes we raced in.

Air Quality Information

For more information on the air quality issues we are experiencing right now here is the air quality map as of this morning and some links to further information. We are sitting in the "unhealthy" category meaning that even for healthy individuals strenuous outdoor exercise is not recommended. Our first priority is keeping everyone safe so please take it easy and hope this clears out Saturday.

Washington Air Quality Map

Washington Air Quality Advisory Index

08/03 Air Quality